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Michigan Sobriety Courts & Drivers Licenses

When speaking about Michigan Sobriety Courts and Drivers Licenses it is important to understand what it takes in order to satisfy the requirements for obtaining one. In many situations and circumstances the underlying criminal charge will dictate why and how the individual lost his or her drivers license. Those situations generally, but not always, involve some sort of drug, substance or alcohol, i.e. drunk driving. However, it is common for many individuals to receive licensing sanctions for non drunk driving criminal matters. See MCL ? 257.304.

Regardless, the requirement that an individual must satisfy prior to obtaining a drivers license is to complete 45 days of the sobriety court program. Once the time requirement has been meet a restricted license can be issued if the other conditions are met. That is correct. An individual dealing with Michigan Sobriety Courts and Drivers Licenses will only originally receive a restricted license after they first install an interlock device on their vehicle. That is the additional caveat for Michigan Sobriety Courts and Drivers Licenses, which is the requirement of installing an interlock device on the motor vehicle before the issuance of the restricted license. Furthermore, it is important to note that not all individual criminal matters will qualify for the issuance of a restricted license. It is important to determine whether the charge is qualifying or not. 

Compliance Importance

Michigan Sobriety Courts and Drivers Licenses are important for individuals in treatment programs because the restricted license will allow for them to drive to and from appointments, meetings, court and the like. This is also important because it allows for the individual to better situate themselves for when they must petition for a full drivers license. The drivers license restoration process can be long and tedious, but when organized properly it can be easy and obtainable.

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