Michigan Criminal Lawyer, Josh Jones

Michigan Recreational Marijuana In the Home

Michigan recreational marijuana law is in full bloom, which means homeowners or residents are now allowed to possess, use and cultivate marijuana within those homes.

But what are the guidelines for such possession, use and cultivation?

This is an interesting because of the various ownership rights involved with someone’s home. If an individual owns the home then there is no limit to what is allowed to occur within the home (within legal means). Therefore, the individual can possess up to 12 marijuana plants and 10 ounces of marijuana within that home or premises.

However, there are restrictions on how an individual can possess their marijuana. They are limited in the amount (up to 2.5 ounces) of marijuana in their home. So, an individual can have in their possession 10 ounces when inside their home, yet 7.5 ounces must be present inside some kind of container or area that is locked or maintains a security device. The amount of marijuana allowed under the act also identifies a limit for concentrates or like variations.

What about those who rent?

Those individuals who do not expressly own their homes or abodes, and instead rent, will have similar, if not identical, limitations under the Michigan recreational marijuana law. The biggest difference, or issue, for a renter is the limitation that the owner or landlord of the property can set for smoking or cultivation in the residence. Arguably, if there is no damage or nuisance from the activity, it would seem as if the use would or could be allowed. HOWEVER, you should ALWAYS contact a lawyer about any rental agreement and marijuana activity prior to relying on any statement in this publication.

At the end of the day, marijuana possession, use and cultivation inside the home is legal. This means that an officer should not be able to arrest or charge you criminally for personal marijuana use. There are fines for violations of the Michigan recreational marijuana law, and all use is for those 21 and older here in the State of Michigan. Light up, smoke carefree, but when in need, lawyer-up with Josh Jones.