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Criminal Sentencing In Michigan Outlined & Explained

Michigan Criminal Sentencing Explained

Here in the State of Michigan, many criminal sentencing hearings will be based upon the type of criminal charge and the jurisdiction where the sentencing will occur. Whether the criminal charge is a misdemeanor or felony will be the heaviest weighing factor for a criminal sentencing. The reason for this is due the statutory limitation set upon misdemeanors and felonies.

Remember, criminal misdemeanors are statutory limited by a maximum 1-year in jail. Ultimately, the criminal sentencing will be affected due to the maximum punishment a judge can impose for a misdemeanor. A felony is also statutorily controlled; however, since the maximum jail punishment is over one year (and again varies on the crime charged) the criminal sentencing can maintain a wide range of possibilities. In the end, there are numerous requirements that an individual can face in any criminal sentencing. Jail time is usually the biggest worries when an individual faces a criminal charge.

The type of punishment an individual will face during a criminal sentencing will be dependent on numerous factors. These will include, but not limited to: criminal record, rehabilitation status, injuries to victim, type of crime convicted of or pled to, employment status, substance abuse history or treatment status, jail credit already accrued, probation or pretrial recommendation or assessment, mental health status or treatment, bond status or violations, and any other possibly relevant information, acts, or facts known or made known to the court prior to or at the time of sentencing. There can be so many factors, facts and issues that are involved in a sentencing that an appropriate list cannot truly be constructed in such a setting. Moreover, not every criminal sentencing will be the same, and thus some of the above situations will not apply to every individual.

Finally, it is worth noting that a sentencing can also be influenced based on the jurisdiction or court that an individual is in for the particular sentencing. There are particular district and circuit court here in Michigan that are more difficult to navigate as compared to others. This includes the sentencing that is involved in a criminal matter. These difficult courts have a tendency to sentence more severely than others, which makes a criminal sentencing even more important when an individual has a case pending in one of these jurisdictions.

An individual should always obtain representation whenever they are facing any criminal misdemeanor or felony. A criminal sentencing is one of the many reasons that supports the claim that an individual is better off when they lawyer-up. So whenever you need a criminal defense attorney, call Josh Jones 7-days a week.