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Yielding To Pedestrians In Michigan – Rules Of The Road

Yielding To Pedestrians Explained

In Michigan it seems that yielding to pedestrians is controlled by MCL ?? 257.612 & 257.613. Yielding to pedestrians is based upon the circumstances of the interactions between the people, vehicles, bikes and others using the roadways. The basis of MCL ? 257.612 essentially outlines that individuals operating motor vehicles must yield to bicycles legal traveling on the rode, while also yielding to pedestrians using a crosswalk. In order, to be properly or legally yielding to pedestrians in Michigan an individual must look into MCL ? 257.613. The reason for this is being that this section of the law shows how individuals should follow the basic traffic lights in order to legal cross said roadway. This section specifically breaks down which light allows an individual to legally pass when facing which light or roadway crossing.

One could argue that an individual operating a motor vehicle is or should always be yielding to pedestrians, in Michigan and elsewhere, but legally speaking the vehicle should always give way. In the end, the law behind yielding to pedestrians rests behind MCL 257.612, which explains how a motor vehicle should travel on the roadway when approaching and traveling through interactions. MCL ? 257.613 adds the layer of how individuals should approach and interact with lights on the roadway. It is essential to follow the proper “rules of the road” in order to protect yourself and others found near or on the roadway. This goes for both the driver and walkers, bikers, or others using the roadway.

It is important to know the law. It can protect you as an individual in multiple situations and circumstances. Not only does knowing the law help maintain your rights, both personally and constitutionally, but it also allows you to remain safe by knowing the basic “rules of the road.” You never want to simply rely on this article or any other article or piece of information on this website or any other website when wanting, attempting, or thinking of defending, representing, or presenting a legal theory, defense, or statement before any legal body, court or representative. It is essential to always lawyer-up whenever you are or could be facing a Michigan criminal misdemeanor or felony, criminal traffic ticket or traffic citation or ordinance violation.