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Possessing Forged Licenses Outlined & Explained

Possessing Forged License or Reproduced Drivers License

Here in the State of Michigan there is a criminal misdemeanor charge for possessing forged licenses or a reproduced drivers license. In fact, the charge includes the possession of a reproduced, altered, counterfeit, forged or duplicate drivers license, and thus much more expansive than simply possessing forged licenses. MCL 257.310.The statute states possessing forged licenses or a reproduced drivers license photograph, negative of the photograph, image, license, or electronic data contained on a license or part of a license is guilty of a misdemeanor.? MCL 257.310(10). If an individual is found guilty of the crime of possessing forged licenses or reproduced drivers license he or she will not only be found guilty of a misdemeanor, but they will also face a possible punishment of imprisonment for not more than 1 year and/or a fine of not more than $2,000.00. MCL 257.310(7)(c).

There is, however, an exception to the general rule of possessing forged licenses or a reproduced drivers license. The general rules does ?not apply to a person who is in possession of 1 or more photocopies, reproductions, or duplications of a license to document the identity of the licensee for a legitimate business purpose.? MCL 257.310(16). Moreover, it should be noted that if an individual is convicted of possessing reproduced or forged drivers license there is no licensing sanction imposed for this offense. This is important because the drivers license or ability to operate a motor vehicle legally remains intact if convicted of possessing forged licenses or a reproduced drivers license. Therefore, a conviction is not and will not be reported to the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS). MCL 257.732(16)(b).

It is important to understand the difference between those crimes that impact or can influence an individuals driving record and drivers license. For instance, because this is not reported to the SOS an individual?s car insurance company will also not increase an individual?s rates. However, criminal sanctions and the criminal record can and will be influenced depending upon the disposition or ending result of the criminal matter, such as possessing forged license or a reproduced drivers license. Anytime you are facing a criminal offense (whether a felony, misdemeanor or citation), do not represent yourself and rely on information on this website, blog or any other website or information on the internet without the assistance and advice of a criminal defense attorney. Always lawyer-up.