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Michigan Traffic Tickets Explained

Michigan Traffic Tickets

Here in the State of Michigan traffic tickets can vary depending on the type of citation that an officer presents to an individual. The reasoning for this is due to the fact that some Michigan traffic tickets can be criminal in nature. However, this does not hinder the impact that Michigan traffic tickets have on an individual and his or her driver’s license even when those tickets are simply civil infractions. Michigan traffic tickets that are civil infractions can and will impact an individual’s driving record, regardless of a criminal attachment or punishment.

The impact from Michigan traffic tickets can include, but are not limited to, responsibility fees, license sanctions, fines, points, and an increase in an individual’s insurance premiums. The accumulation of points occurs when an individual has received numerous tickets with driver’s license points attached to the Michigan traffic tickets that the individual has admitted responsibility too. These points can be accumulated by Michigan traffic tickets that are civil infractions or criminal charges. Remember, either or both can extend from an incident involving a Michigan traffic ticket.

Furthermore, responsibility fees can be automatically applied depending upon the Michigan traffic ticket that an individual receives on his or her driver’s record. Generally, these automatic fees will extend from Michigan traffic tickets that bring about criminal charges. However, it is also worth noting that the accumulation of too many points on an individual’s driving record can also bring about responsibility fees. The system of imposing responsibility fees may change in the near future, yet for the moment, Michigan still enforces and imposes them on individual’s for certain Michigan traffic ticket incidences.

Whenever you are cited or provided Michigan traffic tickets you should immediately seek out the advice and assistance of an attorney who handles these matters. Hiring and having assistance from an attorney can and should provide a positive impact to you, your case, and your driver’s license. It is imperative to understand what can and will happen when you receive Michigan traffic tickets because they can and will impact your life and your license if left unattended. Contact Josh Jones today for your free consultation.

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