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Michigan Sobriety Courts Explained

Here in the State of Michigan, numerous district and circuit court maintain and develop Michigan Sobriety Courts, which assist individuals in combating their issues with substance and alcohol abuse and dependency. Michigan Sobriety Courts are generally an intensive program or probationary period where the individual will enter into an agreement with the court and probation to ensure that they plan to live by the terms and conditions set by the individualized court. Moreover, Michigan Sobriety Courts are generally referred to one particular judge within the court, and thus the judge will over see the progress of the individual with the assistance of probation and possibly other 3rd party programs that the individual defendant will work with while in the Michigan Sobriety Court.

Each individual Michigan Sobriety Court will operate differently, meaning the protocols, procedure and requirements will vary depending on the area and court overseeing the individual. Also, it is highly worth noting that not all courts have a Michigan Sobriety Court. Another concern and issue many individuals face are the qualifications for entering the program. To enter a Michigan Sobriety Court, an individual must meet a certain NEEDS score after a proper and thorough assessment of the individual’s substance and alcohol past, issues and pitfalls. Essentially, the individual must have an addiction that requires the intensive assistance offered through Michigan Sobriety Courts.

The positives to Michigan Sobriety Courts also vary, but not on the court, rather they vary depending upon the individual. For example, many drunk driving offense (2nd subsequent conviction primarily) see individual enter into Michigan Sobriety Courts. Those individuals, if meeting certain requirements, are allowed to obtain restricted licensing earlier than mandated by the Michigan legislator and Secretary of State. Other benefits include substance abuse treatment, community oversight rather than jail time, and other possible reductions and benefits obtained through the program. Michigan Sobriety Courts were created specifically for those suffering from substance and alcohol abuse, and they attempt to assist individuals in correcting and overcoming their previous behavior and dependence on those substances.

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