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Michigan Nuisance Parties Explained & Outlined

Nuisance Parties – What Are They?

No one ever thinks about a party getting out of control, but it does and will happen, eventually. Nuisance parties can happen anywhere and at anytime. They are not limited to college towns, those over the age of 21, and can involve many situations and circumstances. Understand the consequences before inviting those hundred or few friends over for a “gathering.”

A social gathering (nuisance parties) will turn into criminal charges if or when it becomes uncontrollable. More specifically, a nuisance party will exist if one or more of the following occurs:

  • unlawful sale, furnishing or consumption of alcohol;
  • public drinking or drunkenness;
  • public urination or defecation;
  • littering, fights, destruction of property, loud noise or other forms of public disturbances; or
  • any other conduct that annoys or endangers the public or results in obscene or indecent behavior.

A nuisance parties can bring about criminal citations, which typically stems from local or city ordinances. Therefore, the fines and possible repercussions can and will very from area to area. A party may get out of hand, cops called, and individual’s cited (including you the home owner). You can even be arrested on that particular say and time. But remember, this does not mean that all hope is lost or that you do not have the ability to fight your case.

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