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Michigan Moving Violations Explained – Josh Jones, Criminal Lawyer

Michigan Moving Violations and Nonmoving Violations Outlined

Here in the State of Michigan there is a difference between moving violations and nonmoving violations. Both types of violations are civil tickets; however, the most common moving violations are speeding tickets. Speeding tickets are not the only type of moving violations that exist in Michigan, even though they may be the most common. Another common ticket that is issued is a seatbelt violation, which is generally a nonmoving violation. The difference between a nonmoving and moving violation are indicated and controlled by the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code. There is a list available, via the internet, that coordinates each individual traffic infraction by driving code. This list also identifies whether the ticket is a moving violation or nonmoving violation.

In reality, the term moving violation is more a term of art. It is used in the legal realm to differentiate between those ticket infractions that abstract or are sent over to the Michigan Secretary of State, and thus those infractions that are placed on an individual’s driving record. Moving violations are placed on the driver’s record regardless of the amount of points that are attributable to that particular infraction. You read the statement correctly; traffic tickets can be zero points, but still be placed on the driver’s record. Nonmoving violations are not placed on the record. The fact that a traffic ticket is placed on someone’s record means that their insurance will also be influenced. So in the end, if there is nothing placed on the individual’s record there will be no influence on their insurance. As one can see, this is an important difference between moving violations and nonmoving violations and why counsel is always important before admitting responsibility to any traffic ticket.

To sit here and list or identify each individual moving infraction would take hours, but it is again important to know that there is a difference between each individual traffic ticket that may or could be issued against you. This is another reason to contact counsel to see if it is a nonmoving or moving violation. You must always remember to never rely on this website or any other website on the internet when wanting or attempting to defend yourself before any court or legal body without the proper assistance of counsel or legal representation.