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Michigan Criminal Arraignments Outlined by Josh Jones, Criminal Lawyer

Michigan Criminal Arraignments Outlined & Explained

Whenever there are criminal charges issued against an individual a Michigan criminal arraignment is almost always required. Michigan criminal arraignments vary depending upon the criminal charge issued against the particular individual. Michigan criminal arraignments will depend upon whether the criminal charge issued is a criminal misdemeanor or a criminal felony.

The reason for this is due to the fact that criminal misdemeanors and criminal felonies follow a different procedural course once the criminal charges have been issued and a Michigan criminal arraignment is required. For criminal misdemeanors a Michigan criminal arraignment is required unless otherwise waived by a criminal attorney. The same is true for criminal felonies; however, there are two Michigan criminal arraignments. The first Michigan criminal arraignment will occur at the district court and if the criminal felony is bound over or moved from the district court to the circuit court a second Michigan criminal arraignment will ensue at the circuit court.

In some courts the second Michigan criminal arraignment can be waived, which allows a shortening in the criminal process when dealing with a criminal felony. In those situations, the first Michigan criminal arraignment cannot be waived and must be held at the district court. During Michigan criminal arraignments, whether they are occurring at the district court or the circuit court three things are essential: (1) the reading of the charges the defendant faces, (2) the determination or modification of bond, and (3) the setting of a pretrial or probable cause hearing, which is determinate on whether the criminal case is a misdemeanor or felony.

Michigan criminal arraignments are highly important because they are the first time the court is going to be seeing the defendant for the particular case and this is also the determination of bond, which allows the defendant the ability to be released pending the criminal charges. The bond that is determined at a Michigan criminal arraignment is based upon multiple factors and can granted in multiple forms. Some factors influencing bond at a Michigan criminal arraignment include but are not limited to, prior criminal history, employment status, and living status. Whenever you have or believe you will be charged for a criminal misdemeanor or felony you should always obtain a Michigan criminal attorney. Moreover, you should never rely on this website or any other website or information online if you are attempting to represent yourself or your interests in any court within Michigan or the United States.