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Civil Citations In Michigan Explained & Outlined

Civil Citations Can & Will Come In Multiple Forms

Have you ever been charged with a criminal misdemeanor, yet not taken to jail or arrested, but rather issued a citation? A criminal citation is a ticket that police officers issue to individuals for certain low-level crimes. They can be in the form of a criminal misdemeanor or a civil (traffic) infraction.

Civil Citation Procedure In A NutShell

Civil Citations will generally notify the individual of a violation that has been committed, and may provide the date and time he or she must appear in court. Essentially the civil citation directs the individual to contact the court personally within a specified amount of time in order to take care of the matter leading to the issuance of the civil citation. Civil citations can bring about or attach criminal charges, a formal process to handle the matter or citation, i.e. going to court on criminal charges.

It is important to note that the time between the citation being issued and when you must appear in or contact the court can and vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction within Michigan. It is essential to stay in contact with the court or your attorney if you have been provided a civil citation, even after the time specified on the citation. Again civil citations can have criminal charges noted on them.

For simple civil citations, i.e. speeding or parking tickets, you will have one of two options. The first will be to simply pay the applicable fine for the particular infraction(s) committed. The second option will be to request one of two types of hearings (an informal or formal hearing). A civil citation with a listed criminal charge will require the individual appearing in a district court. Criminal charges on civil citations will likely be simple misdemeanors, meaning that felony criminal matters are handled differently.

All Civil Citations Matter

An criminal defense attorney can handle you civil citations, traffic or criminal, which is why you must always lawyer-up. A lawyer will be able to help you walk through this process with the littlest of ease because they are skilled and trained for performing such tasks. Civil citations, whether traffic or criminal, can impact you life if not handled appropriately and your records protected. Contact Josh Jones today for your free traffic or criminal consultation.