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Medical Marijuana Tips – Staying Safe With Medical Marijuana



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This marijuana tips flier, poster or card was made for individuals who are medical marijuana patients and caregivers. It was created in order to provide you with vital and important information dealing with medical marihuana here in the State of Michigan. Knowing the law then maintaining your rights can and will impact your case so that when you lawyer-up you are in the best situation you can be. Following these basic medical marijuana tips can held you smoke carefree.

Josh Jones understands the Michigan Medical Marijuana law, and this is the reason he believes that this medical marijuana tips poster can assist you when you are approached or confronted with law enforcement. This medical marijuana tips poster outlines the basic criminal and constitutional rights that you maintain when you are involved with law enfrocement activities and investigations whether they are in the home, on the street, or in a motor vehicle. It is beyond important to exercise your constitutional rights, and thus knowing them becomes the first step.

Michigan has an ever changing medical marijuana law, which is why it is imperative to remember your basic constitutional rights. This Medical Marijuana tips poster will assist in that. It is important to not solely rely on these medical marijuana tips if trying or wanting to defend yourself in a court of law or other proceeding or legal situation. Therefore, you should always see a marijuana defense lawyer whenever you are involved or charged with criminal acts or incidences. However, if you keep the basic principles of the Medical Marijuana tips poster in mind you will be assisting yourself when and if you are criminally charged.

Please, download, share, print and save these Michigan Medical Marijuana Tips, so that you can smoke carefree. Josh Jones hopes that these Michigan Medical Marihuana Tips will assist medical marijuana patients and caregivers throughout the State of Michigan. You can contact Josh Jones 7-days a week. He always has your back, and is your Michigan Marijuana Lawyer.