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MCL 750.413 & .414 – Unlawful Use Driving Away – Motor Vehicle Explained

Unlawful Use Driving Away – Motor Vehicle (MCL ? 750.413, 750.414)

Here in Michigan Unlawful Use Driving Away of a Motor Vehicle is handled by two separate statutes that provide different maximum punishments under statute or law. Unlawful use is the lesser of the two evils, providing for a possible maximum 2 years in jail. Unlawful driving away carries a possible maximum 5 years in jail. Both of the felonies provide drivers licensing sanctions and will see an individual convicted of the crime lose his or her license. The other extreme difference between the two crimes is that unlawful driving away provides that the individual does not have permission or authority to possess the vehicle. Whereas unlawful use calls for the individual to exceed the owner’s permission or authority to use or possess the vehicle while also never having the intent to steal or permanently deprive the owner of the vehicle.

A subtly such as the one discussed above are the primary reasons that a criminal defense attorney is needed whenever you face a criminal charge in a Michigan or Federal court. Unlawful use driving away of a motor vehicle can impact an individuals life long term. A conviction can bring about licensing issues in the present and the future. It can also bring about fines, costs, and license restoration, which only increases the headache and expense. These particular criminal charges can very slightly, but have varying degrees of punishments.

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