Michigan Criminal Lawyer, Josh Jones

Macomb County Criminal Lawyer, Josh Jones

Josh Jones Is Your Macomb County Criminal Lawyer

Whenever you are charged with a crime, issued a traffic ticket, violated for probation or need someone to assist in getting you your Michigan driver’s license back, you need a Macomb County Criminal Lawyer. Josh Jones is your Macomb County Criminal Lawyer because he is here for your 7-days a week and maintains a full service criminal defense law firm, specializing in marijuana defense. Did you know that a Macomb County Criminal Lawyer can drastically and dramatically assist you if you are ever charged within a crime or traffic ticket? Did you know that there are multiple courts found within Macomb County? Did you know that depending on the type of criminal citation or charge you could be having to proceed through two different courts within Macomb County? Did you know there are many Macomb County Criminal Lawyers that can assist you 7-days a week?

Josh Jones, a Macomb County Criminal Lawyer, is one that handles exclusively and entirely all criminal matters, including but not limited to the following:

? ALL Felonies & Misdemeanors

? ALL Attempted Criminal Conduct

? Aggravated Assault

? Assault or Assault & Battery

? Controlled Substances – Use or Possession

? Controlled Substances – Delivery or Manufacture

? Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) – All Degrees

? Maintaining A Drug Vehicle

? Maintaining A Drug House

? Delivery of Marijuana

? Manufacturing Marijuana

? Possession of Marijuana

? Delivery of marijuana without remuneration

? Use of marijuana

? Disorderly Conduct or Persons

? Disturbing the Peace

? Domestic Violence

? Drunk Driving [OWI/OWVI/OWPD/DUI]

? Drivers License Restoration

? Driving w/License Suspended/Revoked/other

? Criminal Expungements

? Home Invasion – All Degrees

? Larceny or Larceny in a Building

? Minor In Possession

? Nuisance Parties

? Probation Violations

? Prostitution or Solicitation

? Reckless Driving

? Retail Fraud  – All Degrees

? Traffic Tickets

? Implied Consent Hearing

? Traffic Citations

? CarelessDriving

? RecklessDriving

? Armed or Unarmed Robbery

? Drug Driving [OWI/OWVI/OWPD/DUI]

? Criminal Trespassing

? Improper Transport of Medical Marihuana

? Fleeing And Eluding

? No Operators License on Person

? Malicious Destruction of Property


If you have been charged with a crime or have a criminal or traffic matter that is not listed above, contact Josh Jones, Macomb County Criminal Lawyer in order to obtain information on his services. He can assist you with any criminal matter brought in a Michigan Circuit or District Court. Macomb County is broken up into on Circuit Court and multiple District Courts. Depending upon the criminal or traffic matter, your issue will be dealt with in one of the two courts. Generally, all misdemeanors are handled by Macomb County District Courts and felonies are handled by the Macomb County Circuit Court. Contact a Macomb County Criminal Lawyer today for your free consultation and understanding of your trial rights, options, and risks.

Never rely on any information when attempting to or wanting to represented yourself in a court of law. Always consult and hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to assist you with your matter, whether criminal or civil. The information on this website is simply information and opinions, which does not replace competent and adequate legal representation. Always lawyer-up.