What Does The Future Of Michigan Medical Marijuana Businesses Hold?

As many already know, last year Michigan passed legislation allowing for Michigan medical marijuana businesses to operate under specific conditions and licenses. However, the laws allowing for Michigan medical marijuana businesses to operate within the State does not become effective until December 15, 2017. With that said, there has been a lot of discussion about how one goes about best situating themselves to obtain a Michigan medical marijuana business license when they become available towards the end of this year. First, it should be noted that the state licensing board will not have applications available for a Michigan medical marijuana business license until the effective date of Dec. 15, 2017.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, in order for a Michigan medical marijuana business license to be issued the local municipality, city, or township needs to opt into the new laws. The local municipalities have the option of choosing one (1) or five (5) or all five (5) of the Michigan medical marijuana business licenses enacted by these new laws.  In fact, they are allowed to choose any number of Michigan medical marijuana business licenses to issue or opt into. They are also not given a deadline for when they are required to opt into or out of the new laws. The only real requirement is that they pass local ordinances identifying that they are opting into the new laws. If the local area does not decide to opt into these new laws then sadly there will be no Michigan medical marijuana business license issued in those areas, meaning no medical marijuana businesses can operate there.

Thirdly, there has been discussion of what the board will be doing with those operating medical marijuana dispensaries under previous medical marijuana laws here in Michigan. There has been mention that the board overseeing the issuance of Michigan medical marijuana businesses and its licensing will be giving a deadline for those preexisting businesses to stop operation. Moreover, there could be legal recourse sought for those operating past the deadline. As of the date of this article, none of those discussions are official, but they have been made public and will be decided on soon.

In the end, if you are thinking of wanting to get involved in future Michigan medical marijuana businesses, it is advisable to contact counsel to assist with the application process and obtaining of the license. The above mentioned points are only some of the concerns and issues faced by future Michigan medical marijuana businesses, and they will likely only be expanding as time passes. You want to remember to never rely on any information, advice or opinion provided on this website or any other website on the internet when wanting, attempting or thinking about representing yourself before any body, entity or individual court or otherwise without first obtaining advice and assistance from legal representation. As always, know the law, maintain your rights, and then lawyer-up.

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