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Drug & Alcohol Testing While On Bond Or Probation

Outline Drug & Alcohol Testing While On Bond/Probation

An individual will see drug & alcohol testing involved in their criminal matter during probation or while on bond. When an individual is charged with a criminal misdemeanor or felony, they are originally placed on bond. When on bond, an individual will have certain conditions and requirements that they must follow in order to comply with his or her bond. If the individual fails to comply with those terms and conditions, the court may look to revoke, increase or forfeit the bond. This means the individual may be incarcerated while their criminal matter is pending. The ability to obtain bond allows them to remain free from incarceration during that time.  When an individual is placed on probation, similar conditions and requirements as found during the bond period are also placed on the individual.

These requirements and conditions during bond or probation can and usually include no illegal substance or alcohol use. The court oversees the compliance of not using these substances by drug & alcohol testing. The drug & alcohol testing can range daily to monthly. Testing is almost always performed randomly. The purpose of random drug & alcohol testing to ensure that the individual is not aware of when he or she tests. This makes it more difficult to cheat the test. Moreover, courts do not like an individuals providing diluted samples, failing to provide a sample, or failing to appear to test. Drug & alcohol testing issues are common reasons for individuals to violate bond and probation terms.

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Whenever you are charged with a criminal misdemeanor or felony, it is important to remember that drug & alcohol testing can be sought by the court. This will even occur when the individual is of legal drinking age, meaning that the individual must sustain from alcohol during those periods. Drug testing also becomes an issue for individual with medical marihuana cards while navigating through the justice system. These are just some classic reasons why you should always obtain a criminal defense attorney whenever you are facing such a matter. You always want to put yourself in the best situation you can be when heading into a court of law.