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Defaulted Traffic Tickets in Michigan Explained

How to clear-up defaulted traffic tickets in Michigan:

Having a defaulted traffic ticket in the State of Michigan can have serious repercussions to an individual’s ability to drive a motor vehicle. In order to understand the procedure in order to avoid default can be found here. It’s important to understand that avoiding a default will also allow an individual to avoid the issues associated with that default and the contents of this article.

The reason for this is due to the suspension that is generally issued when an individual has a defaulted traffic ticket outstanding within a court here in Michigan.?I have seen an individual have a suspended driver’s license for a parking violated that defaulted. She had forgotten to pay the ticket, and thus the traffic ticket defaulted. When a defaulted traffic ticket is abstracted over to the Secretary of State (SOS) by the court, the SOS generally then suspends the individual’s drivers license. The SOS is supposed to notify the individual of the suspension. Until the individual has taken care of the outstanding defaulted ticket, his or her license will remain suspended. A clearance fee is usually assessed and must also be paid prior to the reinstatement of the drivers license.


It should also be said that in some situations a reinstatement fee must also be paid to the SOS prior to the issuance of a new valid license. Whenever an individual has a defaulted traffic ticket he or she must and should obtain assistance, or at least advice, from legal counsel.?Depending upon the circumstances an individual clearing defaulted traffic tickets can be complicated, time consuming, and financially costly. In many situations, to have the best outcome for your individual case a bond must be posted with the court in order to have an opportunity to contest or reduce the impact of the defaulted traffic ticket. In other situations, defaulted traffic tickets that are considered criminal, likely misdemeanors, an individual will likely be required to appear in court in order to be arraigned on the matter.

Defaulted traffic tickets vary from situation to situation, and thus only after a review of an individual’s case can counsel properly and adequately provide advice on the necessary course an individual must take to cleared their defaults. If an individual is ever unsure about the number or location of their defaulted traffic tickets, the best thing to do is obtain your driving record from the SOS. By obtaining the record, an attorney will be able to see where the court’s holding each defaulted traffic ticket, and likely the specific citation, charge or violation for each default. It’s also important to note that the defaulted traffic tickets may not be the only issue or circumstance suspending an individual’s drivers license. With that said, it is important to consider obtaining advice and assistance with drivers license restoration. Again, there can be multiple reasons for a suspended drivers license, and only after proper consult can a true and full answer be provided.?NEVER rely on information on this website or any other website on the internet when attempting, wanting or when representing yourself in or before any court of law, administrator, officer, or otherwise wanting to present or claim a legal defense, idea, opinion, interpretation, or otherwise here in Michigan or other body of law or representation.