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Criminal Background Checks & Report Systems

Reporting Systems: Criminal Background Checks, Driving Records, and More

A criminal background check is one of the most common and popular public means of obtaining someone’s criminal history or record. However, did you know there are various ways to perform criminal background checks on individuals? Moreover, did you know that there is centralized agency that attempts to collect and maintain all criminal records reported to them from various states, agencies, and departments? Did you know that these records include more than just simple criminal background checks?

Here in Michigan there are multiple reporting systems. One of those reporting systems, which essentially is a complete and extensive criminal background check includes driving records, concealed pistol licenses, various certifications, death records, missing person reports, insurance information and more. This is a statewide computer system that allows the various agencies, courts, and departments to maintain and share information to each other. This system also allows for reporting to other various states throughout the US. The information that is reported to another state is limited and controlled by agreements, state reporting policy and other circumstances and considerations.

For example, an individual’s driving record is not always shared to another state. In fact, the sharing of an individuals driving history is based upon the state that is taking action against the driver, meaning it is that State that determines whether they report information and to whom. Michigan generally reports all driving information to other states, exception in some instances. Furthermore, it should be known that insurance companies are not cooperating with States and their individual reporting agencies or databases in order to provide up-to-date insurance information on individual motor vehicles. Michigan is now able to access and determine by a license plate whether the motor vehicle connected to that plate has appropriate car insurance.

Its always important to remember that a criminal background check does not necessarily mean a criminal background check. The information and discussion noted above does not include third party criminal background checks, which can incorporate much of the information that Michigan’s LEIN reporting system does. However, the accuracy of that information may not be on par. With that said, even Michigan’s LEIN system is not always accurate, and after performing an appropriate criminal background check it may be discovered that information is being mis-reported.

It always becomes essential that an individual charged with a criminal misdemeanor or felony or even cited for a traffic ticket should obtain a criminal defense attorney, such as Josh Jones. Having representation could afford you the unnecessary hassle of having issues with criminal background checks. Always lawyer-up.