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Common Michigan Drug Crimes Outlined & Explained by Josh Jones

Michigan Drug Crimes Outlined & Explained

There are common Michigan drug crimes that all individuals should be aware of because they can and will have long-lasting repercussions on you and your life. The various Michigan drugs crimes are differentiated by the specific chemical that makes up the particular drug in question. Based upon the chemical make-up of the drug, the Michigan drug crime can and will vary in severity if an individuals is convicted. Let’s see if we can better explain this comment on Michigan drug crimes.

The Michigan legislature, like many other states, have identified and categorized certain Michigan drug crimes as felonies and misdemeanors when speaking solely about the possession of the particular drug in question. What this means is for example, someone who is found in possession of marijuana will be charged with a misdemeanor, yet if an individual is found in possession of cocaine then he or she will be facing a felony charge. It should be noted that these hypotheticals are assuming the individual is being charged under State law and not a local ordinance. Another, issue that is presented with the varying Michigan drug crimes involve the circumstances and facts surrounding the particular incident with the drug in question. What I mean is that an individual can be charged with the following types of crimes, which are based upon their actions with the drug, which include, but are not limited to: use, possession, delivery, intent to deliver, or manufacturing. On top of the common Michigan drug crimes just listed, local ordinances can and will also other acts or circumstances involving drugs, such as possession of drug paraphernalia.

Of course, there are specific defenses for Michigan drug crimes if an individual is facing a drug charges that are listed above or extend beyond the information included in this post. The list of defenses is beyond the scope of this article, which gives reason to contact a criminal defense attorney any time you believe you will be or are charged with a Michigan drug crime. With that said, and to conclude, Michigan drug crimes come with numerous consequences that can change and impact your daily life. For example, many of the Michigan drug crimes attach a drivers license sanction and suspension and can preclude an individual from obtaining certain licenses if convicted of such a crime. Moreover, those seeking financial aid for school will also be impacted and unable to receive financial aid if convicted of a Michigan drug crime.

The variation, consequence and complexity of Michigan drug crimes make it essential to hire appropriate and adequate counsel whenever involved in such a crime. You should never rely on this information or any other information on the internet when wanting or attempting to defend yourself before any legal body, court or otherwise. Always lawyer-up.